Afa Annfa

Afa Annfa 李思汝

曾任4As廣告公司Art Director, 後成為全職插畫師,現為多媒體創作人。



Afa Annfa was once an art director in advertising industry before devoting herself full-time to the illustration career. She is now a multi-media creative.

Her illustration works mainly include print ads, magazine columns, smartphone apps and collaborative projects with different brands. She has also done animation for music videos with singers Khalil Fong, Eason Chan and Waa Wei.

The MV “Yuki Onna” for Waa Wei brought her “The Best Music Video” nomination in the Golden Melody Awards this year in Taipei. She has had 2 exhibitions in the past 5 years and a collaborative publication “N-Girl” with the HK DJ, Director and Writer Cheuk Wan Chi.

Kayla Wong

王曼喜(Kayla)是公平貿易時尚品牌 Basics for Basics 的創辦人。Kayla畢業於時裝學院,並獲得商品營銷學位。 2年前,她創立了自己的品牌,期望以時裝推動社會改變。對當前時裝市場有著深刻認識的她,專注於推廣公平貿易和可持續的時尚。Kayla的影響力獲得不少品牌及時尚媒體的認可,多次獲選為新世代的網上top influencer。她的目標是繼續推廣公平貿易的公眾教育,並帶領她的品牌走向國際。

Founder of ethical brand Basics for Basics, Kayla Wong graduated from fashion school with a degree in merchandise marketing. 2 years ago started her brand in pursuit of her passion to make a difference through fashion. Focusing on ethical and sustainable fashion; she has a well rounded knowledge of the current market. She has been recognised by a variety of brands as an influencer in the current digital world. Her goal is to continue to push forward to educate more people on the topic of fair-trade and to take her brand global.


何式凝,香港大學社會工作及社會行政學系教授,研究領域涵蓋男同性戀、女性情慾和多元關係等課題,致力拓展對於情慾和親密關係中對正義的理解以及社會運動如何重塑個人與家庭。 何教授是中港兩地少有的性別及性慾研究專家,與曾家達合著,「由香港大學出版社與中國社會科學出版社合作出版」的Sex and Desire in Hong Kong和《情慾、倫理與權力:香港兩性問題報告》 ( 2012)。繁體字版為《從情慾、倫理與權力看香港的兩性問題》(2013) 。 2007年開始藝術發展,發表紀錄片《香港廿二春:師奶列傳》、《半世紀茶跡》、《愛與罰》、《港佬列傳》。2013年創作並主演多媒體劇場《何式性望愛》,同年出版自傳 《我係何式凝,今年五十五歲》。 雨傘運動後出版《抗命時代的日常》,與未來民主大學合著《雨傘政治四重奏》,2016年創作並主演《辛苦女協作劇場》, 希望重新思考個人與群體的關係, 把女性的經歷寫進歷史。何教授還認真學習跳芭蕾舞,58歲時考獲皇家芭蕾舞8級。

Petula, Sik Ying HO is Professor in the Department of Social Work & Social Administration at the University of Hong Kong. She is at the forefront of gender and sexuality, qualitative research and cross-cultural comparative studies. Her work has centred on identifying injustice and discrimination, whether hidden or evident, in different aspects of social life and she is keen to produce research that challenges dominant ideas through new theoretical lens and innovative research methodologies. Her recent work include, Love and Desire in Hong Kong, co-edited with Ka Tat Tsang. She is also author of I am Ho Sik Ying, 55 years old (2013), Everyday Life in the Age of Resistance (2015), and co-author of Umbrella Politics Quartet (2015). Her research projects include using documentary films to explore the integration of arts and scholarship. They include: 22 Springs: The Invincible (2010); The “Kong-lo” Chronicles and The Umbrella Movement: A Collaborative Focus group Analysis” (2016). Her research based multi- media theatre “Sex Love and Hope: Ho Style (2013) and “Labouring Women Devised Theatre” (2016) call for the imagination of new modalities of social action beyond those that are historically recognized or culturally sanctioned as being “political” to include various forms of cultural interventions.